Concrete Polishing Contracting


We are one of the industry leading specialists in Concrete Polished floors in the UK.

Residential Flooring


We are one of the industry leading specialists in Concrete Polished floors in the UK.

Commercial Flooring

We are one of the industry leading specialists in Concrete Polished floors in the UK.

Industrial Flooring

We are one of the industry leading specialists in Concrete Polished floors in the UK.

Concrete Polishing Contracting

 Concrete Polishing Contracting are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of concrete polished floor. We have over ** years of experience in creating new and rejuvenating concrete polished floors. Our fully trained staff are flooring experts and have completed a wide range of projects from small residential concrete polishing solutions to large commercial and industrial scale projects. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that we meet all of your flooring needs including polishing contracting, rental of concrete polishing machinery, training and maintenance or repairs to existing floors. There is no polished concrete floor  project that is to big or to small so get in touch for a free no obligation quote. 

Residential Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is providing a contemporary alternative to traditional flooring such as carpet or laminate and can be used for any rooms, areas or walkways within a home. The polished concrete finish helps modernise spaces improving lighting and adding style.

Commercial Flooring

Polished concrete is durable, stylish and easy to clean, making it perfect for any commercial buildings. The robust characteristic of concrete endures the daily demands of heavy foot traffic with the polish finish attributes of spill and stain resistance making for easy maintenance.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring requires need to be robust and have the ability to cope with  heavy goods vehicles and large machinery. Concretes natural strength allows our flooring solutions to cope with the demanding environments of industrial work spaces offering a contemporary alternative.

Why choose a polished concrete floor?

Polished concrete flooring provides a unique blend of durability and style with an expected lifetime of over 20 years. The robustness of the properties of concrete creates a floor able to withstand the demands of any working environments; from a factory floor of heavy goods vehicles and machinery to a show room floor providing a stylish finish to brighten display space. The complete flatness of polished concrete leads to water and spill resistant properties making for a hygienic and easy to clean flooring solution. Polished concrete floors create a modern alternative to traditional flooring without compromising on quality making it the perfect choice for your residential, commercial or industrial areas. 

Benefits of polished concrete:

✔ High quality finish to polished concrete ensures complete durability – This makes polished concrete perfect for all types of environments from a modern kitchen to retail spaces and industrial warehouses

✔ Concrete’s property of total flatness provides an easy to clean and hygienic surface – The polished top finish leaves a complete even surface which is easy to maintain

✔ Concrete flooring typically has a life span of a minimum of 20 years – The longevity of polished concrete provides a high quality long term flooring solution maximising the value in exchange for your initial investment

✔ The robustness of a polished concrete surface allows for the use of heavy weight machinery and vehicles without wear – The properties of concrete create a strong foundations able to withstand industrial environments

✔ Resistant surface allows for quick cleaning of spills and debris – The properties of the polished finish makes the surface liquid resistant making spills easy to clean

✔ Sleek and shiny finish from quality polished finish brightens areas creating a modern look – Different polished finishes range in their reflective properties allowing you to improve the lighting of your room to your own preference

Create your own unique polished concrete floor…


Concrete polished floors can be finished off using a range of different techniques to give you a unique and modern flooring solution. The opportunity to personalise your polished concrete floors’ finish allows you to reflect your own style or brand identity on an area. The three most common finishes used to complete polished concrete surfaces are Rustic, Variable and Exposed Aggregate. The different finishes can depend on the quality of alternative floor surfaces and the level of concrete aggregate that is ground out to create the floor. Concrete aggregate is a combination of materials that are used in the production of concrete including crushed stones, gravel and sand providing its substance and strength. Read more below to find out about how each different polished concrete floor finish is achieved.

Rustic Style Finish

Our Rustic Style finish creates an aesthetically pleasing floor space that stands out without the need for major initial concrete works to be completed. New concrete floors or existing floors in excellent condition provide a perfect base for this finish using industry leading concrete polishing machinery such as a power trowel. The lack of need to grind the surface leads to only the top layer of the concrete being polished over, which creates a smooth blend of shades visible through the reflective surface which helping to brighten up rooms. This style is most popular for modern residential flooring and surface solutions. 

Variable Finish

A variable finish includes a process of grinding the finer sands and sediments in the top layer of new or existing concrete flooring to create an incredible flecked affect within the polished finish. Once the top level of the concrete is exposed it is treated using specialised equipment, fillers and techniques to ensure a high quality smooth polished concrete finish containing the one of a kind pattern below. The top layer of concrete aggregate is treated repeatedly until a level of perfect flatness is achieved before it is sealed over to create the glossy look of polished concrete.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

The exposed aggregate combines style with durability through initially grinding the concrete heavily to reveal the aggregate below. The heavy grinding process exposes the unique composition of the aggregate below; which is then treated through various refining and polishing stages until a smooth and sleek finish is achieved. The ability for any concrete floor to be ground and flattened makes the exposed aggregate polished concrete finish suitable for nearly all existing concrete floors. The results of the thorough process of grinding, refining and polishing creates an extremely durable floor surface that is unique in design. 

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Here at Concrete Polishing contractors we have experience in all different types of projects at all different stages. Our fully qualified team have completed many small concrete polishing jobs such as walkways or feature areas within a home to factory sized industrial floors. We can polish existing concrete floors or get involved in new extensions or new build contracts. Our organisation have assisted in all stages of the construction process liaising with contractors to placing the concrete ourselves. The earlier you involve us in your next project the easier it is for us to create the perfect concrete floor to modernise your space.

If you are inquiring about a quote please include as much information as possible including measurements of the space in Sq meter and the depth of concrete if available.


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