Commercial Flooring

Our commercial flooring provides a sleek yet robust solution to your business space. We have completed floors and surfaces for many different organisations including showrooms, restaurants and retail shops.

Types of Commercial Flooring

The purpose of commercial spaces and buildings is to be able to withstand the daily demands of the customers or business partners whilst also being the physical representation of a brand, upon which people’s perceptions are created. Polished concrete combines durability, style and easy to clean characteristics that make it perfect for any commercial buildings including restaurants, hotels and retail stores. The robust characteristic of concrete allows these surfaces to easily endure the daily demands of heavy foot traffic; with its polished finish characteristics of style, spill and stain resistance making for a modern looking easy to maintain floor. Polished concrete also provides longevity through an expected life span of a minimum of 20 years meaning that you will have a long-term flooring solution to your commercial space.  

There are also a range of polished concrete finishes available that can reflect the purpose of your retail space. The different finishes are achieved through grinding different amounts of the top layer of cement aggregate and range from a smooth blend, to small fleck like effects and finally larger pieces of aggregate creating a unique floor which cannot be replicated. Each different finish has its own characteristics such as a variation of reflectiveness to brighten up commercial spaces.  

Our fitting team are experts in their field of work and can complete polished concrete finishes on existing and brand-new concrete floors with no project to big or small. We have completed a range of different commercial projects including car showrooms, museums, restaurants and retail shops with jobs ranging from small walkways to large industrial spaces. 

Existing Flooring


Typically when you move into a new or you are thinking of upgrading your commercial premises it is likely that there is an existing concrete floor. Existing concrete floors can be worked upon offering a range of different finishes based on the condition and the quality of the original concrete composition and tradesman-ship. Initial assessments of the concrete flooring will need to be completed to determine the options available in addition to identify any possible areas which may need minor repairs before the polishing process can begin. The original colour of the concrete can also determine the overall finish of the floor however this can be altered through the use of dyes to achieve the finish you desire. Our unique process also allows for the implementation of brand names and logos stained on to the floor below the polished level. This provides you a branded stamp of your commercial space that will have a long term last without the scuffs or wear and tear of standard stick on logo options.

New Floors

 If you are currently in the stage of planning a new commercial space; from an extension to current premises to a large new build commercial unit, we can not only help with the perfect finish to a polished concrete floor but also mix and lay the concrete flooring. We have worked on many large projects liaising with contractors, architects and project managers to deliver your dream commercial space. To maximise our effectiveness in helping you create an amazing commercial space in a new build project it is best to involve us within the process as early as possible. Through early involvement we can effectively plan the selection, laying and polishing process of the concrete to meet your project deadlines.

The unique position of new concrete floors is that the design options are limitless with the possibility of a range of different colours and designs available to choose from. The earlier we are involved within the project timeline we can organise with local concrete plants a range of different samples through changing the aggregate composition and colour of the concrete (these will only be samples and due to the process being influenced by many other factors slight variations are possible). We also have the capability to implement logos and branding into a pattern within the floor so that you can really make your mark on your new or existing commercial space.

Concrete Overlays

Unfortunately not all existing floors are not compatible with being rejuvenated with a full polished concrete floor due to the floor quality or suitability of depth to achieve the finish desired. We have also had instances where organisations do not have the time resources to polish an existing or place a new concrete floor. In these cases a concrete overlay is a great option to still get the look you want to modernise your commercial space. Overlays can be implemented starting at a depth of only 10mm and are much faster at settling which allows for the polishing process to begin as early as 24 after placement. The advantage of overlays is that a wide range of different colour, design and style options are available. If you are unsure whether your current floor is suitable for concrete polishing then inquire about using  a concrete overlay to brighten your commercial space.

Get a Quote!


Here at Concrete Polishing contractors we have experience in all different types of projects at all different stages. Our fully qualified team have completed many small concrete polishing jobs such as walkways or feature areas within a home to factory sized industrial floors. We can polish existing concrete floors or get involved in new extensions or new build contracts. Our organisation have assisted in all stages of the construction process liaising with contractors to placing the concrete ourselves. The earlier you involve us in your next project the easier it is for us to create the perfect concrete floor to modernise your space.

If you are inquiring about a quote please include as much information as possible including measurements of the space in Sq meter and the depth of concrete if available.


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