Industrial Flooring

Polished concrete is the perfect solution to create a clean and modern work space with the durability to withstand the demands of heavy vehicles and machinery.

Industrial Flooring


A high quality polished concrete floor is not only stylish and easy to clean but it also can withstand heavy goods vehicles and machinery on a consistent basis making it a perfect flooring solution to industrial environments. The floors properties of total flatness helps eliminate issues associated with dust, residue and spillages with domestic sweeping and mopping with standard cleaning solutions being able to clean the floor effectively. The highly reflective surface has also been proven to reduce lighting needs at the same time as making the most of natural light in spaces. The polished shine however is not slippy with its high coefficient of friction and its ability to make spills easy to rectify providing a secure surface to support busy industrial environments. The longevity of the surface is another benefit to its industrial applications, there is a minimum life expectancy of 20+ years of polished concrete which is much longer than other industrial flooring solutions such as Epoxy (1-5 years) and tiled floors (10-20 years).

Industrial organisations globally are now selecting polished concrete as their preferred surface in large industrial premises such as warehouses, logistics centre, production factories, data centres and more. As concrete is largely a component in the foundations of these buildings in some cases there are no additional materials required in the creation process. This creates a ”green” industrial flooring solution that is LEED approved. The robustness and durability of the floor also means there is no easy damage or wear such as peeling or cracking of the surface meaning a reduction in the cost of maintenance and replacements over the lifetimes of industrial spaces.

New and Existing Concrete Flooring


 Here at Concrete Polishing Contracting we have the expertise and the workforce to install polished concrete on any industrial floor regardless of age or size. We can join projects at any stage with the ability to put down concrete ourselves on a new premises or renovate an old floor to modernise your space. Brand new floors allow for us to complete projects in the most efficient way with a rough approximation on 1000 m2 per day, the ability to cover this amount of ground in one day will ultimately reduce our working hours of which the savings will be passed down to you with a reduced cost per m2 rate. The project timeline for existing floors are dependent on the underlying quality of the existing floors. In some cases before work can be undertaken floors may need coating removed and necessary repairs to ensure the desired finish to your industrial space is achieved. 

Concrete Repairs and Expansion Joints


Industrial spaces are constantly busy with the movement of large machinery and heavy good vehicles transporting components, stock and products which can cause damage to some floors including concrete floors. The consistency and frequency of this type of pressure placed on floors can lead to deterioration and even permanent damage. Weak areas tend to appear around joints or points of impact that if not accounted for can end up cracking. One resolution to this issue is the implementation of expansion and control joints. However, these are typically not flush with the surface and can be damaged with cracking or spalling over time. There is also a minor logistical issues with the transport of fork lift trucks and pallet trucks over this uneven surface causing damage. Polished concrete finishes offer a resolution to this combining polyurea joint fillers and rapid set mortar products to rebuild over major damages, joints or minor inconsistencies such as previous bolt holes. The effective and quick setting of these products allows for these damages to be rectified quickly with the surface able to be reopened for industrial traffic as early as 4 hours after application.


Logos, Branding and Colours

Although the main focus of our polished concrete floors in industrial spaces are functionality and durability, there is also the possibility to personalise the finished product to reflect your brands style and identity. Previously we have dyed the concrete below with organsiations logo or brand colours to provide a unique finish the company can be proud of. The beauty of the branding being incorporated into the concrete before polishing means that it is unable to be damaged and does not get easily scuffed or peel like stick on or other floor type alternatives. Colours can also be incorporated to make certain areas of the floor to stand out such as walkways, escape routes or dividing areas based on work stations. This can help in the overall health and safety in industrial spaces such as factories providing a long lasting solution.

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Here at Concrete Polishing contractors we have experience in all different types of projects at all different stages. Our fully qualified team have completed many small concrete polishing jobs such as walkways or feature areas within a home to factory sized industrial floors. We can polish existing concrete floors or get involved in new extensions or new build contracts. Our organisation have assisted in all stages of the construction process liaising with contractors to placing the concrete ourselves. The earlier you involve us in your next project the easier it is for us to create the perfect concrete floor to modernise your space.

If you are inquiring about a quote please include as much information as possible including measurements of the space in Sq meter and the depth of concrete if available.


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