Residential Flooring

Brighten up your home with a polished concrete finish to your floor, work surface or wall. Our fully qualified team have completed a wide range of residential projects that really add style to your home.

Types of Residential Flooring

The versatility and strength of concrete means that it is included within the foundations of nearly every home, which is a massive advantage in that existing concrete floors as well as new concrete floors can be used as a base for the polished affect. Polished concrete flooring is providing a contemporary alternative to traditional flooring such as carpet or laminate and can be used for any rooms, areas or walkways within a home. The polished concrete finish to an area helps increase the lighting of rooms to create modern aesthetics which is ideal if you are looking to modernise your residential space. The properties of polished concrete and the techniques we use within our process allow for a selection of different design finishes; including a choice of colours and styles for you to personalise your own space.

In addition to polished concrete looking amazing, it’s properties of complete flatness makes for a spill resistant floor that is an easy to clean surface which minimalises upkeep. The finished floors are also extremely durable and with an expected lifespan of a minimum of 20 years polished concrete is a long term stylish flooring solution to your home. The simple and exposed finish of concrete flooring is also fully compatible with underfloor heating systems and the reduced resistance of another layer of material can help reduce your carbon footprint which in turn saves you money.

Existing Concrete Flooring

Typically most underfloor foundations are created from concrete, meaning the main component in getting your dream polished concrete floor is already in place. Literally any existing concrete floors can be polished; however, the composition of the concrete that exists will determine the overall quality of the finished product. Before any quotations or work will be undertaken on existing concrete flooring we will preferably make assessments through site visits where we can physically assess the quality of the existing floor and explain the process of conversion. Alternatively if logistics do not allow we can also make initial assessments remotely with the assistance of measurements, pictures and videos to provide the most accurate quote as possible. Typically with existing concrete floors there may be some minor repairs such as small cracks or damaged areas that can be sealed for a seamless polished floor or adapted as features within the floor. The final decision to be made is to stick with the natural colour of the existing concrete or opt for a change with one of our range of concrete dyes to put your own stamp on your residential space.

New Concrete Flooring

If you are considering finishing off a new build home or an extension to your current residential premises with unique polished concrete floors we can support ongoing projects and liaise with your contractors team. To ensure that we can advise best and begin our work at the right time within the project it is best to include us as early as possible. This allows us to work with projects managers and relevant contractors on which processes we will undertake from any stage such as designing, laying and polishing the concrete. The possibilities are endless with new concrete from a choice of colours as well as designs to tailor the perfect floor into the design to make your new space a home.

The whole process can be made more specific to you geographically with testing and samples of the different  types of concrete available in the area. These specific samples can be tested with different colour dyes and finishes to allow you to chose the perfect floor to compliment your design plans. These samples will provide a strong idea of how the colours and sediments will settle within the floors; however, all floors do settle in their own unique way which may cause slight variation.

Concrete Overlays Flooring

Although most floors can be ground or concrete implemented sometimes an overlay finish is the best option to achieve the highest quality concrete finish to the floor of your home. There are many different scenarios which may lead to an overlay producing the best results, including lack of time or poor overall floor condition which can be the result of wear or poor workmanship in the construction process. The overlay allows you to still achieve the contemporary stylish look of polished concrete in your space, without the need for major construction works. The overlays also offer a large variation of styles, colours and designs allowing you to choose the perfect floor to finish off your home.

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Here at Concrete Polishing contractors we have experience in all different types of projects at all different stages. Our fully qualified team have completed many small concrete polishing jobs such as walkways or feature areas within a home to factory sized industrial floors. We can polish existing concrete floors or get involved in new extensions or new build contracts. Our organisation have assisted in all stages of the construction process liaising with contractors to placing the concrete ourselves. The earlier you involve us in your next project the easier it is for us to create the perfect concrete floor to modernise your space.

If you are inquiring about a quote please include as much information as possible including measurements of the space in Sq meter and the depth of concrete if available.


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